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Who Are We?

The Patriot: Inspired Minds Literary & Arts Feature is a student-run literary magazine created as an outlet for students’ original works. An issue of collective works will be published once each semester, unless stated otherwise. As a team, we pour our hearts and souls into these publications to make them successful. We thank all of our contributors with our utmost gratitude. This magazine could not have been created without your courage and willingness to display your works. We hope that you will enjoy reading these works as much as we enjoy collecting them, and look forward to seeing your inspired creations.

Meet the Team

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LaKyndra Larkin - Chief Editor

LaKyndra is from Flint, TX. She is a senior at UT Tyler graduating this spring in a BS in mass communication with her focus in journalism and a minor in English Studies. A fun fact about LaKyndra is she has a podcast called Coffee with Kyndra! 

LaKyndra says, "I joined the magazine as an associate editor Fall 2022 to start doing what I love but also to help share the creative voice the students have. Everyone has a voice it should be heard!" 

Kelsey Roberson - Associate Editor

Kelsey is from Cypress, TX and she is a junior at UT Tyler. Her major is mass communication with a graphic design minor. A fun fact about Kelsey is she has a cat named Percy!

Kelsey says, "I joined the magazine to become more involved at the Talon and expand my horizons!" 


Chloe Dix - Associate Editor

Chloe is from Frisco, TX and she is a senior at UT Tyler majoring in English Studies with a minor in Language in Technology. A fun fact about Chloe is she has been on the UT Tyler Tennis Team for four years! 

Chloe says, "I joined the magazine as I hope to be an editor once I graduate. This is also a great opportunity to get hands on experience. I love to edit and work with others so I am excited for what we will create this semester!" 

Maria Islam - Illustrator

Maria Islam is out of Longview, TX. She is a junior majoring in mass communication with a minor in graphic design. A fun fact about Maria is she is apart of the Muslim Student Association! 

Maria says, "I joined the magazine staff to further my design skills and gain more experience as an artist." 


Alexis Minick - Social Media Manager

Alexis Minick is from Tyler, TX who is a Graduate Student pursing a Master's of Arts in English. A fun fact about Alexis is she works from home as a 9th grade English teacher and when she is not teaching or being student she is a wedding and elopement photographer! 

Alexis says, "I joined the magazine so I can help support fellow local artist/creators!"

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