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The Patriot: Inspired Minds Literary & Arts Feature Submission Guidelines

Please carefully read the guidelines below. In submitting a work for consideration, the writer or artist agrees to abide by the editorial guidelines.  



Students whose visual or literary artwork is published in The Patriot: Inspired Minds Literary & Arts Feature retain all copyrights to their work.  

The theme for this years publication is "HISTORY REPEATS ITSELF". Please make sure your submissions align with this prompt somehow.

Students are limited to three submissions total from one or more categories (for example, you could submit three poems, or two poems and a song, etc.) All submissions must be the original work of the student. If you have any questions regarding submissions, please email us at

Note: We do not accept plagiarized or previously published work or work that is pornographic, profane, exploitative, or that seeks to cause injury to an individual or group.  


All works must be 1) accompanied by a submission form and 2) submitted electronically via email.

Fill out the submission form before emailing us your submission. On the form, provide your name, your patriot or faculty email (or personal email if submitting as an alumni), your preference on submitting anonymously, the titles of all works you are submitting, and your agreement to our editorial terms.


After you have submitted the form, email your submission to as a Word document or Google Doc. If you are submitting multiple pieces, email each piece as an individual document. Do not submit multiple pieces in the same document. The file name of each attachment should have the title of the work and author’s last name [Ex. Titleofpiece_LastName]. Put "Submission_SP21_LastName" in the subject line of the email.

See submission guidelines below on how to format your piece depending on the category you are submitting under.

Pen names may not be used. However, works may be published under “Anonymous.”


  • Microsoft Word, Google Doc, or PDF only

  • 1.5 spaced text, 12 point Times New Roman font, left justified

  • Numbered pages in top right corner

  • Optional mp3/mp4 recording (mandatory for Music submissions)

  • The first line of the document should include the full and complete title of the work, centered

  • The second line should include "By" followed by the name you wish to publish under [Ex. By FirstName LastName]. If you wish to publish anonymously, follow the previous instructions and put "Anonymous" in parenthesis after your name [Ex. By FirstName LastName (Anonymous)].

  • See additional guidelines below for specific genres



Prose should not exceed 1,100 words (approximately 4 double-spaced pages) and must conform to the accepted grammatical standards of American English.  


Prose works will be edited for clarity, grammatical precision, and space. When extensive revision is required, the material will be returned to the author for approval.


Poetry should not exceed 3 typed pages. Poems should meet the accepted grammatical standards of American English unless doing so compromises the artistic intent of the poet. For breaks between stanzas or for artistic intent, there should be a clear divide to indicate a separation.


Fine art images and photographs should be submitted in digitized format of the highest quality (tif format; 300 dpi for black and white; 300 dpi-cmyk for color; no larger than 8x11).

Above the image on the first line of the page,  include the title of the piece. On the second line, put "By" followed by the name you wish to be published under. On the third line, include the size of the original work and the media used.


Sheet music and script submissions should not exceed four pages in length. Sheet music must include an mp3 or mp4 audio recording and typed lyrics following the poetry guidelines if words are used (we will include QR codes so that students unfamiliar with music notes may hear your work).

SUBMISSIONS for Fall 2023 are OPEN!
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